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Von Wodr, Otter Mercenary (Large, Otter, Freelances)
One white metal model with integral metal base; supplied unpainted, with a separate 40mm plastic base. Height 40mm.
VAT where applicable

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One white metal model with integral metal base; supplied unpainted, with a separate 40mm plastic base. Height 40mm.
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Hello I'm looking at making a large order soon and was just wondering if Von Wodr (the Otter mercenary) will be coming in stock again? Thankyou

Hello - yes, he'll be coming back into stock at some point, probably some time next week. We're really busy with orders at the moment, and it's not leaving a lot of time for casting stock, unfortunately! I'll be squeezing casting in as often as I can, but things will be going in and out of stock a lot over the next few days, I expect. cheers Michael

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All models are supplied unpainted. They are not recommended for children. 
Models should be carefully cleaned of any mould lines with a modelling knife or needle files, and undercoated with a primer before painting.  Pewter models will contain lead. Resin models should be washed carefully in warm soapy water to remove any mould release residue before priming. Due to the nature of resin casting, there may be some small air bubbles which will need filling.
When filing or sanding models, take care to ensure any particles or dust are not inhaled; it is best to do this in a well ventilated area.

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