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Please be aware that many parcels are taking much longer than usual to arrive, due to the current pandemic, especially overseas, with some parcels taking several weeks for delivery. Also, our Post Office is working reduced hours, so orders won't be shipped as fast as usual. These are unusual times, and we ask for your patience.

Stay safe, and happy gaming!

All models are supplied unpainted. They are not recommended for children. 
Models should be carefully cleaned of any mould lines with a modelling knife or needle files, and undercoated with a primer before painting.  Pewter models will contain lead. Resin models should be washed carefully in warm soapy water to remove any mould release residue before priming. Due to the nature of resin casting, there may be some small air bubbles which will need filling.
When filing or sanding models, take care to ensure any particles or dust are not inhaled; it is best to do this in a well ventilated area.

Please note - UK and EU orders will have 20% VAT added at checkout.

See the homepage or the Terms page for postage and packing charges.

Supplements & Accessories

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Noticeboard and Signpost
A noticeboard and signpost, cast in metal....
VAT: £0.83 Exc.
Burrows & Badgers Northymbran Pennies
13 Northymbran Pennies, supplied unpainted....
VAT: £0.83 Exc.
Mouse-oleum - the Tomb of the Mouse Lord
One resin model; supplied unpainted. 34mm...
VAT: £0.83 Exc.
Sternpaw's Almanack issue 1
60 page paperback; contains background material...
VAT: £1.00 Exc.
Sternpaw's Almanack issue 2
60 page paperback; contains background material...
VAT: £1.00 Exc.
The Warren Percy Affair
63 page A4 paperback; contains a two-player...
VAT: £1.60 Exc.
Northymbran Monuments
White metal components, with MDF plinths...
VAT: £2.00 Exc.
Ferret Rogue Bust (1/9th scale)
Resin cast; supplied unpainted. Does not...
VAT: £2.50 Exc.